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Personal Stories of Struggle and Triumph 

Learning Activities that Promote Agency,
Civic Engagement, and Leadership
A project of the Latino Leaders Network & California Global Education Project

This project was developed in 2020 to provide secondary and early college educators with free literacy and civic action extension activities aligned to the individual stories in the book and to increase the access and participation of all learners. Available in English, Spanish, and audio. The learning activities in this curriculum are organized around real world, global competencies that encourage all students to investigate the world, communicate effectively, recognize perspectives, and take action.


Each set of learning activities is focused on a leader and his/her story in the book, and begins with a framing question that relates to the experience of the Latino leader being studied. Questions such as, Why is it important to be proud of your heritage? How might you contribute to a better world? What does it mean to have a voice? Engage students to think about the experience of the Latino leader and what they might learn and apply to their own lives. Graphic organizers, robust question discussion activities, short video clips, and civic action opportunities further support the key lessons of each of the highlighted speeches and calls for both educators and students to activate their learning and leadership.

(English, Spanish, and audio versions available)
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Download Nydia M. Velazquez story here
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This curriculum guide was created to accompany the book Latino Leaders Speak: Personal Stories of Struggle and Triumph (edited by Mickey Ibarra & Maria Perez-Brown, 2017). The development team includes:
Project Leader: Barbara Vallejo Doten, Director, California Global Education Project at CSU Long Beach
Editor: Emily M. Schell, Ed.D., Executive Director, California Global Education Project (San Diego State University)
Writer: Stephanie Cook, History-Social Science Teacher, George Washington Carver School of Arts and Science (Sacramento Unified)
Writer: Thomas Herman, Ph.D., Director, California Geographic Alliance (San Diego State University)
Writer: Kelly Leon, Human Geography Teacher, Bonita Vista High School (Sweetwater Union)
Writer: Alfredo Varela, Spanish Teacher, Santa Paula High (Santa Paula Unified)
Designer: Becah Corbin (
Project Support: Stephanie Duran, Program Manager, California Global Education Project; Jayna Donayre, Director of Communications, Ibarra Strategy Group

Connect With Us
Arte Publico Press is offering a 20% discount to educators who purchase more than two copies of the book. Please send inquiries to or by fax to 713-743-2847 in order to receive the textbook discount.

"With this project, our hope is that people of all colors, creeds, and identities can come together to appreciate and celebrate this particular hue of the American tapestry. Also, to learn from and empathize with those who for so long have been “othered,” only wanting to be accepted and respected as contributing members of this collective we call America. Their examples inspire us to be better citizens of our communities, this nation, and the world."

- Barbara Vallejo Doten

Project Leader, CGEP at CSU Long Beach


Dolores Huerta, American Labor Leader and Civil Rights Activist 

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