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Soyla Fernández, Principal of Fernández Cervantes Government Affairs is experienced in the development of political programs and legislative strategies to implement effective advocacy programs for clients. Prior to establishing her own firm, Soyla Fernández worked for Sacramento lobbying firm Manning Advocates, LLC. As an associate at Manning Advocates, she represented clients in the areas of brownfields liability reform, water supply legislation, Proposition 50 funding, Cigarette Tax Stamp Funding and Procurement, tribal compacts, energy, and various issues relating to land use and development.


Ms. Fernández also served as a Gubernatorial Appointee with the Business, Transportation, and Housing Agency and the Technology, Trade and Commerce Agency. Prior to these appointments, Ms. Fernández established a consulting practice to help numerous non-profit agencies apply for state, federal and private funding. Ms. Fernández also served as a Senior Budget Consultant for the Assembly Budget Committee and former Assembly Speaker and current Mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa.

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